Time, Talent, & Treasure

To make a real hustle happen, you need support. We’re making restoring the planet a universal sport. Check out below for a list of our 17 community projects!

  1. Smith Mill Creek Greenway
  2. Blue Note Junction
  3. Community Engagement Trail
  4. Peace Gardens events and projects
  5. Pocket Park
  6. Time, Talent, & Treasure Map
  7. I-26 Betterment Projects
  8. Home Repair
  9. HHI-UI Youth Program
  10. Property Tax Relief
  11. Solarize Asheville
  12. Business Contracting and Work on I-26
  13. Agriculture Festival
  14. Library Hood Talk Game Show
  15. Reparations
  16. Isaac Coleman 
  17. Burton Street Community Center Renovations

We need people of all different capacities to help carry change forward. What does your heart have to lend in our mission to restore the planet?

Learn more about how to share your Time, Talent, and Treasure with the initiatives happening in the neighborhood by signing up to the right and filling out the form!

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