Hood Huggers Green Book

The Negro Motorist Green Book was an annual guidebook for African Americans, commonly referred to simply as the Green Book. It was published by Victor H. Green from 1936 to 1966, during the Jim Crow era, when open and often legally prescribed discrimination was widespread. It was intended to provide African American motorists and tourists with the information necessary to board, dine, and sightsee comfortably and safely during the era of segregation (Wikipedia).

The Hood Huggers International Green Book serves as a starting guide for anyone interested in supporting the resiliency of the African American community in Asheville. It is distributed through community outlets, and to young African Americans in the neighborhoods we work with. The goal is to highlight and connect the businesses and organizations listed, and to provide career inspiration for our youth.

Here is a PDF of our Green Book: HHI Green Book

Click here for an online black-owned business and community directory maintained at ColorofAsheville.net. 



Rebuilding Affrilachia: The Art of Resilience