Work With HHI

Hood Huggers International, LLC offers services in these three categories: social enterprise, and the arts.

Please contact us for more information and scheduling.

Social Enterprise

Hood Tours
Interactive driving or walking tour focusing of historically African American neighborhoods highlighting their vibrant history, present-day power and future plans.

Burton Street Peace Gardens Facility Rental
Rent the Peace Gardens for special events and retreats.

Transportation Services
The Hood Tours van and driver are available for hire.

Pearson Plan

Consulting (project-based or ongoing)
Consultancy services for municipalities, organizations, and communities around the strategies and implementation of the Pearson Plan.

Speaking Engagements
Topics include:
* Effective Strategies to Support Community Sustainability
* Using Art to Engage Communities
* Connecting with Nature Through Poetry
* How Cities Can Develop Youth-Led Civic Engagement

The Arts

Poetry Reading/Spoken Word Performances
Book poet DeWayne Barton for special events and book signings

Creative Workshops
* Spoken Word – Learn how to embrace individual creative
expression through spoken word and storytelling.
*  Found Object Art – Sculpture building with found objects as the
medium. Environmentally-based service learning.

Art exhibits, traveling and custom pieces.



Rebuilding Affrilachia: The Art of Resilience