The Hood Huggers International team encompasses elders, grassroots leaders, and youth from the neighborhoods we work with, as well as volunteers from the community, local universities, and businesses.

Under DeWayne Barton’s leadership, the work is also supported by:
Angela Hines, Administrative Assistant
Ami Worthen, Communications
Sheneika Smith, Date My City – Collaborator
Clarence Robinson, CWC Catering – Collaborator

Angela Hines, Administrative Assistant
DeWayne Barton and Ami Worthen. Photo by GO DIVA!
Sheneika Smith, Date My City
Sheneika Smith, Date My City. Photo by Paul Howey.
Cooking With Comedy Catering
Clarence Robinson, CWC Catering. Photo by Pro.16 Productions.

Rebuilding Affrilachia: The Art of Resilience